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April 29 2017

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Return from the Stars, by Stanislaw Lem, published 1961.

this is wild

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fucking owned. demolished.

a game i can never win

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🌿tattoo blog🌿

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An elephant got caught on security camera picking up trash and putting it in a garbage can
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you’ve been visited by money birb. reblog and good fortune will come your way.

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These pockets are everything

April 28 2017

Chodź, posmakujmy się nawzajem. Chodź. 
— J. Żulczyk
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Wszystko, czego pragniesz, jest po drugiej stronie strachu. 
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Co jakiś czas, absolutnie mimowolnie, ktoś uczy nas czegoś o nas samych.
— Ian McEwan
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